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Electric Flea & Tick Comb For Cats And Dogs

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Help Your Dog And Cat Effortlessly!

Fleas and Ticks can cause serious damage and diseases to our pets. We know parasite problems can be tough and expensive to fix.

Fleas and Ticks are painful for your cat or dog. When fleas bite, they can cause a flea allergy dermatitis, which causes itching, making your furry friend scratch and bite. We know parasite problems can be tough and expensive to fix.

If you’re looking for an easy way of how to get rid of fleas, we have a simple solution. The Flea & Tick Comb that kills and stuns fleas without harming your pet.

Why our customers love it?

Keep your pet healthy – The greatest danger is not in the bite, but in those diseases that the insect carries.

Stop paying for overpriced treatments – killing fleas has never been so easy.

Keep your home free from fleas – Use this product regularly to make sure your pet and home are completely Flea Free!

100% Safe – Kills fleas without using pesticides or chemicals. This device is painless, safe, and effective.

Instant Results – Simply comb through your pet’s fur, find, kill and remove fleas.

No-frills design – This comb prevents you from having to apply greasy creams and serums to your dog’s coat.

Kills bugs on contact – Fleas and ticks do not have a chance against this comb!

Easy to clean – The dead insects can be thrown away without you having to touch them or making a mess.

Keep Your Pet Safe, Happy, and Healthy

This Fleas and Ticks Grooming Tools Remover digs deeply into your pet’s fur and removes pesky fleas and ticks that are burrowed down at the skin level. The process is painless and your pet never feels a thing.

Great for cats and dogs of all ages.  Simply brush through your pet’s fur with the comb and the slight electric charge released kills the insects IMMEDIATELY.





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electric Flea comb

electric flea comb

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