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Different Types of Dog Collars: Finding The Right One For Your Pet

Choosing a dog collar is one of the crucial decisions of your fur friend because in the market variety of dog collars are available and each one can serve different objective, so it’s very important to pick right one based on your dog needs. Based on your dog’s needs, daily activities and other essential criteria we have classified into the following categories.

Collar Materials

Cotton: Cotton collars are generally comes under economically dog collar category and very usefully. Cotton pet collars are durable collars and will quickly wear out, and perfect suitable for smaller dogs.

Leather: Leather collars are very strong, durable, and attractive, and are a best choice for all dogs.

Nylon: Nylon dog collar is very strong, attractive and is regularly used in retractable leashes.

Metal: This type of metal collar made with nickel-plated and brass. Very strong and expensive. Metal collar typically for large dogs and for dog’s training.

Our Top Picks For The Best Dog Collars

Personalized Collars: Personalized dog collars are also known as custom dog collars which are available in different types of attractive colors, styles and sizes. These pet collars can be easily customized with pet identification information like your pet’s name, phone number and address. Available in market from nameplate engraved dog collars to embroidered dog collars, today personalized your pet with our stylish collars.

Flat Collar: This type of collars comes with a belt style buckle to easily attach on dog’s neck. These are made of nylon or leather and designed in flat style. Also a tag is available in most of flat collar which help to find out your dogs from crowd.

Nylon Collar: Nylon dog collars are normally used for multipurpose and ideal choice for every pet owner. Nylon collars are also standard collars and best for dogs to wear on walks, around the house and for attaching ID Tags. Available in different attractive colors, sizes, length and width. Made with premium nylon material to make stronger and longer lasting.

Martingale Collar: Martingale dog collars are typically made for dog’s training and designed with narrow heads like whippets, greyhounds saluki and sighthounds. Martingale collar offer better control over any breed that is skillful at slipping out of their collar. These collars are used strong nylon fabric in manufacturing and one plus point is that won’t cut the neck like a chock collar.

Leather Collar: Dog leather collars are classic, comes in premium real leather material with different colors, lengths, widths and provide an amazing look. They are cost-effective, long lasting and durable. Be careful while choosing the leather pet collar, make sure that is made from genuine leather because in market there are lots of boom leather collar available which are looks like original leather and won’t have a good quality like the real leather dog collars.

Shock Collar: Also known as remote training dog collars and specially designed to send a low intensive electrical signal, vibration and tone through the collar. Pet owners generally use dog shock collar for remote communication or training tool to stop barking or control aggressive their dog behavior.

GPS Collar: GPS dog collars develops in Global Positioning Technology to identify the location if you pet get lost. All pet owners specially use it to keep their dog secure in any environment. The collar comes in GPS tracker and installed in the mobile app. Send a message to your mobile when your pet leaves its safe zone.

Lighted Safety Collar: The lighted safety dog collar is the best choice to keep secure and track your pet at night. It lights up with LED so that you can easily see the dog from good distance. This LED dog collar helps to guide when you walk in the evening, in the dark night and also keep protect the dogs from accidents.

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