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Best Dog Hair Trimmer for Dog Groomer Or Family Use

Grooming dog is very expensive because a pet’s hair growth starts getting visible within two weeks and grooming pet in shop is expensive, but we can save money if grooming at home. Having the best quality dog hair trimmer is most important If you want grooming your pet at home.

Thousands of trimmers  are available in the market, but we recommended choosing high quality trimmer always because the good quality pet trimmer allows you proper grooming and reducing ticks infestation & fleas. This keeps your pet clean, comfortable and happy.

How to Safely Use Dog Trimmer

Before starting the trimming pet’s hair you should know following process;

Start with bathing first

After bathing do brush or comb for the pet’s coat out

After brushing the pet gently cut out any mats manually with scissor

Make sure your trimming should slow and give break

Clear the eye and ear area

Start slow and take break

Types of Dog Hair Trimmer

There are two types of dog trimmer available in the market, Rechargeable hair trimmer and Plug-in Hair trimmer. You can choose based on your budget and passion.

Rechargeable Hair Trimmers

These types of trimmers known as dog clippers because they operate on battery for example a lithium battery. These are long-lasting and have to recharged whenever the battery going down Like the plug-in trimmer function they perfume similar function. Anyway you may face slightly trouble if the battery get exhausted during dog’s trimming period.

These cordless hair trimmers are used by anyone such as a pet owner or a professional. They can be easily used anywhere and anytime as long as the battery gets over.

Plug-in Hair Trimmer

Plug-in hair trimmers are also known as corded pet trimmers because they made with a long cord and have to be plugged in into the electric socket. Available in the different variation and prices. Anyone can use it.


Before purchasing any dog trimmer you should know few things that is its weight, maintenance, cooling unit, plug-in/rechargeable , design, blade type, blade material, speed and durability

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