Best Dog Products Of 2020 To Keep Your Pets Cool

Summer is always the best time for us to spend time with our pets – Long walks, road trips, swimming and playing are just some of the things we do to spend quality time with our pets. Dogs in particular are very vulnerable in the heat as they have their own “fur coat” and the sweltering temperatures do not help at all. That is why it is important that we keep our pets cool and comfortable in summer so that we can all enjoy summer to the maximum. Let’s look at some of the products that will help in cooling our dogs.

Automatic Drinking Fountain Dispenser:

With three different flow settings, the automatic drinking fountain dispenser not only attracts your pet to drink water more frequently but also cools and aerates the water. The LED light makes it convenient for your pet to drink water at night.

Summer Cooling Dog Vest

Dog cooling vests are a great way of keeping your pooch cool in the summer. All you have to do is dunk the cooling vest in cold water, wring it and put it on your dog. The vests are designed with special material that helps speed up the rate of evaporation, hence helping to cool your pet quickly.

Dog Backpack :Light and comfortable, this backpack is the perfect accessory to keep your pet’s essentials like food and doggie bags, travel bowls, first aid supplies and a few toys. It also includes an integrated harness with a rear mounted leash ring to attach to the pet leash.

Sun protection dog shirts: These dog shirts are designed to protect your dog’s skin from the severe ultra violet rays in the summer. The tulle is made ultraviolet protection factor 50+ fabric that can be easily wet and dried.

Dog Cooling Mat: This mat keeps your dog cool and comfortable by absorbing body heat and provides relief from heat and joint pain. It is portable hence easy to carry and can be used in a kennel or cat bed. It is eco friendly and made from puncture resistant material. Perfect for crates, couches, pet beds, kennels, car seats, floors and can also be used as a laptop cooler, seat cushion or pillow.

Dog Cooling jacket: This cooling jacket is made from material that keeps your dog cool in summer and warm in winter. The back and collar has a reflective strip that makes it safer to take to your dog for walks at night or in the rainy season.

Dog life jacket: The dog life jacket is designed such that it is adjustable and has a top grab strip making it easy to rescue your dog by hand or by boat hook in water. It has extra padding to enable extra buoyancy in water without hindering your dog’s movement. The life jacket keeps your dog comfortable and warm in all seasons.

Slow Feeding Dog Bowl: This bowl is ideal for all dogs. It promotes a healthy gut as the slow eating and chewing process improves digestion, which results in less bloat, less gas, reduced regurgitation and chocking.

Unlike human beings dogs do not have sweat glands, apart from their paws and nose only, Although they release heat by panting but it is not super-efficient and dogs can get over heated. Your pet needs your help to keep it cool and healthy in the summer. They too can suffer from severe repercussions from too much heat. To avoid this let’s pledge to keep our pets happy and healthy this summer with the above creative solutions for keeping cool.

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