15 Jul

DTH-2242 | Wacom DTH-2242 Pen Display

Wacom DTH-2242 WACOM DTH-2242 Interactive Pen Display (DTH-2242). With the help of Wacom DTH-2242 enhances work efficiency and helps improve your teaching. Its 54.6cm (21.5 “) LCD panel offers a large workspace, combining pen and touch technology to quickly capture notes, sketches or diagrams.

15 Jul

Wacom PL-1600 | Wacom PL-1600 Interactive Pen Display

The Wacom PL-1600 Series interactive Pen Displays enable users to add handwritten input directly to the 15-22 inch monitors using a digital pen. They are therefore particularly suited for the presentation of full-page documents including the direct insertion of signatures. This provides solutions for applications where the contractual text needs to be depicted, for example when signing a telecoms contract or a contract ate a banking counter. The Wacom PL-1600 Interactive Pen Display are availabl

15 Jul

Wacom DTK-2451| Wacom Signature DTK-2451 Pen Display

The Wacom DTK-2451 Pen Display 21.5 “wide LCD screen combined with Wacom’s patented wireless and battery-free pen technology provides a large work surface for displaying information and drawings, writing notes, filling in forms, and inserting signatures directly into documents. With its 24-inch Full HD display, the DTK-2451 and the DTH-2452 are the largest Wacom pen displays for business customers. The generously dimensioned active area offers plenty of space for comfortable writing and signing

15 Jul

DTH-1152 | Wacom DTH-1152 Pen Display | Wacom DTH-1152-CH Drawing

The Wacom Interactive Pen Display DTH-1152 Multi-Touch Professional Tablet – 10.1 “Full HD Multi-Touch Hard-Capped LCD Display offers you to write, draw, annotate and sign electronic documents directly on the screen with both stylus and touch input. Multi-touch input simplifies navigation and detection of the most common gestures. The DTH 1152 Wacom allows you thanks to its LCD screen 10.1 “Full HD hardened surface to benefit from excellent life in the workplace and a close feel of the paper.

15 Jul

Wacom Signature Display | Wacom Signature Pads | Wacom Signature Produ

Wacom Signature Display technology is embedded under the display, and not on signing surface, it delivers outstanding longevity. Unlike resistive technologies, Wacom products are not impacted by wear or scratches to the screen surface. Our patented EMR technology does not require batteries to power the pen and no wires to transmit signals, so they are maintenance free and will not fail if the tether is damaged. In addition to a robust design that provides years of service, our signature pads cap

2 Jul

Fargo ID Card Printer & Encoders Dealer In Dubai UAE ID | eTOP SOLUTIO

“ID cards have become the most important thing for any institution, organization, hospital and university. It is the way through which people can prove themselves in case of any difficulty. Thus, it helps in preventing further damage of events. For printing millions of ID card, a proper ID printer is required. HID Fargo ID card printers are the best for this purpose.