21 May

Vegan Food Recipes

The vegan food recipes is all set to provide the customers with the best requirements for the food recipes for all the users. The best thing about vegan portal is that there are a wide variety of recipes available. From the cakes, shakes, summer drinks, chocolate cookies to dinner, breakfast and lunch recipes. There are various innovative ideas which are provided to the cooks in the most appropriate manner. The unique recipes are provided to the customers.

11 Apr

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Fond of cookies and chocolates? Vegan portal is here to provide you the best chocolate chip cookies recipe which includes some easy steps to prepare it. Even the teenagers can prepare it on their own at home. You just need to gather all the ingredients which are required in the recipe and get started for the same. This chocolate chip cookie recipe will blow your minds off with its taste and make you crave for it even more.

6 Apr

Health Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies-Vegan Portal

The healthy version of the chocolate chip cookies is here at your doorsteps. These chocolate chip cookies recipe is healthy and will leave you astonished by its taste and flavor. If you are fond of chocolates, then you need to make this recipe for yourself. The few easy steps will help you learn the right path for the recipe. The chocolate chip cookie recipe is a healthy vegan diet recipe which will make your kids happier this summer. Read more!

5 Apr

Vegan School Lunch Ideas (BENTO BOX)

Vegan portal is all set to provide you with the best vegan school lunch ideas for your kids, teens or siblings. These vegan lunch ideas are surely going to help you in the most appropriate manner as they are quick to make and even quicker to consume. With these vegan school lunch ideas, you are going to stay healthy and prepare healthy breakfast for your kids. Your teens can even prepare it on their own.