2 Feb

Maine Adventure Vacations

Maine is the idyllic historic Higgins Beach Inn. Its antique coastal charm is apparent as soon as you lay eyes on it. Adorable window boxes line the front of the building, with a perfectly manicured lawn and a white picket side fence surrounded by wildflowers. An American Flag hanging over a cozy covered porch that just invites you in for an extended stay. Read more about Maine Vacations!

24 Jan

Vermont Vacation Travel Experience

Where can I travel in Vermont City? What is the luxurious hotel in Vermont? If you are searching about such kind of information; just visit my website. Here you can search all the relevant information about Vermont travel. At Sunny Coastlines you can get information Vermont winter vacations, thing to do here, romantic cities, luxurious and affordable hotels. Vermont is a travel place for everyone looking to relax and rejuvenate in a country setting.

15 Jan

New England Lifestyle

During my visit to the Vineyard, I stayed at the Kelley House, which was built in 1742! Updated to offer al the best modern amenities, this place was every bit as darling as Martha’s Vineyard itself. The Newes From America Pub, apart from the hotel, is a real gem offering American pub fare with the historical ambiance. Read More!