23 May

Catering Toorak – La Tropezienne

Improving espresso is both a conviction and a science. We are the Methodists of Melbourne espresso. What makes a difference most is the container. Blend in the best and the vast taste of our premium coffee taste we are known for the best Catering Toorak. Keep in mind. Espresso is far beyond an organic product – it’s a culture and it bolsters numerous families’ universes. That is the reason we just offer you the finest espresso on the planet comprising of magnificent quality and perfection.

22 May

Hawthorn Cafes – La Tropezienne

A party without a cake is truly now not a party in any respect. Have the Hawthorn Cafes you’ve constantly desired and provoke your visitors with a French cake from La Tropezienne. With plenty fantastic flavour and precise approach, our hawthorn cake range makes it easy to raise any collecting. The maximum difficult part may be deciding on a cake! We have got cakes for birthdays, Christmas, engagements, similarly to desserts for at the same time as you truly enjoy like cake.

24 Apr

Hawthorn Cake – La Tropezienne

La Tropezienne come to be established in October 2005 and we have got constructed up a reputation for remarkable pastries, cakes, and macarons. We pick out the fine substances to create excellent Hawthorn Cake, which incorporates imported substances wherein we be given as true with it’s going to make a difference to the wonderful of the finished product. We do no longer use premixes or preservatives, and we intention normally to gather the best flavour with excessive sweetness or heaviness. For

18 Apr

Cakes Kew – La Tropezienne

Since 2005, our devoted team of baristas & roasters have cautiously curated our espresso offering for your consuming delight. We rotate our presenting weekly to offer you an opportunity to revel in the range of basis, flavor and profile of our finest Coffee Cakes Kew. We’ve got a sturdy group of baristas who are continually achieving to investigate greater about coffees from anywhere inside the international. We trust that the key to being an espresso professional is to in no way forestall learn