10 Mar

Organic baby clothes

Organic baby clothes and toddlers clothes made from organic cotton by Satva using only non toxic dyes. Satva uses only non toxic methods of processing and manufacturing that is completely eco friendly and ethical. These clothes are completely free of harmful chemicals and pesticides and completely safe for your baby.

10 Mar

Womens workout shorts

womens workout shorts best for sports activities that involves a lot sweating. Satva manufactures organic cotton shorts that easily absorbs moisture and keeps you dry all day and well shorts made from recycled polyester with side shirring. You can easily buy Satva shorts online.

10 Mar

Yoga bra from Satva

Best yoga bra or sports bra that will tighten your chest and offers the best support while working out. There are no underwires and seams that will make you uncomfortable or cause chafing. Very comfortable for the price and also ethical and ecofriendly.

19 Feb

Ashi Short in Blocked Print

Women’s yoga-inspired recycled polyester shorts in Blocked Print with side shirring details allow for you to customize your look. Perfect to wear to hot yoga or any sweaty class, this shorts have a mid-rise and flattering, sculpted fit. Updated with recycled Polyester, the Ashi shorts now have a quicker dry time and added compression.